Chemical Physics Department

Institute of Physics


Head of department: Gabriela Alicia Díaz Guerrero

The Chemical Physics Department was created in 1989 to promote theoretical and experimental research in topics at the frontier of Physics and Chemistry. Currently the Department is composed by 11 researchers all of them members of the National Research System (SNI) and 5 research assistants.

The research activities concentrate in the following main areas which provide a broad range of research topics:

  • Statistical physics of complex systems.
  • Soft matter physics.
  • Structural, electronic and vibrational properties of non crystalline solids.
  • Statistical physics in biological systems.
  • Dynamics in complex networks.
  • Statistical physics: sociophysics and econophysics.
  • Structure and properties of quasicrystals.
  • Electronic properties of nanomaterials.
  • Structure and catalytic reactivity of nanomaterials.
  • Non-equilibrium statistical physics in complex fluids.
  • Statistical physics of phase transitions.
  • Physics and electrorheology of liquid crystals.
  • Local order in nanomaterials.
  • Critical and electronic properties of low dimensional materials.

The Department has 10 laboratories for experimental work in these areas.

The faculty members of the Chemical Physics Department actively participate in undergraduate and graduate level programs at UNAM and contribute to the formation of human resources in science. Postdoctoral researchers and associated students are also an important component of the Chemical Physics Department.