Condensed Matter Department


Head of department: Josés Reyes Gasca.

The Condensed Matter Department of the Institute of Physics of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM) carries out both experimental and theoretical research on the structure and properties of the condensed matter. The staff includes 12 researchers and 9 technicians, who study the behavior of the solids under different conditions.

Fields of Research

The fields of research can be grouped in six areas: Materials characterization, Nucleation and crystal growth, X-ray crystallography and 3D mapping of structural singularities, Crystallography of incommensurate materials and interfaces, Thin films and Nanostructures. The laboratories in the department are: X-ray and crystallography, Growth of ultrapure and alkali halides crystals, Thin films and pyrolytic spray, Electron microscopy, Electrochemistry, Biomaterials, Optical properties of materials, and Nanostructured materials.