Presentación Objetivos Investigación Infraestructura Publicaciones Tesis y Becas Seminarios English Version

comprende varios proyectos teóricos y experimentales en donde se ven involucrados 42 investigadores y técnicos de todos los departamentos del Instituto de Física de la UNAM



Contacto de union empresarial. La revista de la calidad Total. 2004

Nanotecnología: Los puntos finos de la matería

Entrevista a miembros de REGINA pdf

The Economist, vol. 369, issue 8347: October 25th, 2003


Pipe dreams:Was the carbon nanotube overhyped?

Light heavy lifters: Some progress is being made towards the construction of tiny machines

Nanopower: A new way of generating electricity

The Nanoadvisor - Vol 1 Issue 2: Fall 2003

New NSF Funding

Nanotechnology education gets more money

The National Science Foundation recently announced a new nanotechnology program: Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education.

AFM Simulation Software

by Dr. Joe Griffith

Three new applications by Dr. Joe Griffith model various aspects of a scanning probe microscope. The programs allow the user to change various parameters to visualize the SPMs response. Free software.

Switch promises optical chips

One way to make tomorrow's communications equipment considerably faster and cheaper is to make computer chips from optical switches that are tripped with the same type of light pulses that carry information over fiber-optic lines.

Nano-transistor self-assembles using biology

20 November 03

A functional electronic nano-device has been manufactured using biological self-assembly for the first time.

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Nanoscale systems and phenomena: New concepts and methodologies

9 Dic 2004


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