Solid State Physics Department

Institute of Physics


Head of Department: José Manuel Hernández Alcántara

The Solid Sate Physics Department was created in 1960, although its beginnings were around the year 1958 working on dielectric breakdown using a Cockroft-Walton voltage multiplier designed and built in the Institute of Physics; these studies were performed using the crystals grown in the new department's facilities. Later, theoretical studies about the crystal energies were carried on and other experimental techniques were introduced such as x-ray diffraction and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance. Since then the Department has been in expansion introducing new experimental and theoretical studies.

The Solid State Physics Department consists of 25 Professors and 4 Research Associates.

At the present time the Department has evolved around the following topics: Physics of inhomogeneous media. Synthesis and characterization of new ceramics. Electronic, thermodynamic, optical and magnetic properties of crystalline solids. Radiation-Matter interactions in crystalline solids. Wave propagation in inhomogeneous media. Nonlinear optics. Sonoluminescence, as well as theoretical and experimental studies of nanocompounds.