The conference will start on the 3rd of June in the evening, with the registration and reception. The lectures start on June 4 and go until June 8.

Programme of plenary talks.

Programme of parallel talks.

Timetable in the PASCOS 2012 indico pages.

Plenary speakers

Plenary speakers include:

Nathan Berkovits Sao Paulo State University
Alberto Casas Madrid Autonomous University
Laura Covi Göttingen University
Daniel J. Chung Wisconsin University
Mirjam Cvetič Pennsylvania University
Abdelhak Djouadi LPT, Paris-Sud University
Jens Erler Mexico National Autonomous University
Pavel Fileviez Pérez CCPP, New York University
Paul Frampton North Carolina University
Paolo Gondolo Utah University
André de Gouvêa Northwestern University
Steen Hannestad Aarhus University
Jonathan Heckman IAS, Princeton
Tobias Hurth Mainz University
Jihn Kim Seoul National University
Manfred Lindner MPI für Kernphysik
Alessandro Melchiorri Rome University "La Sapienza"
Peter Meszaros Pennsylvania State University
Pran Nath Northeastern University
Stefano Profumo UCSC, Santa Cruz
Stuart Raby Ohio State University
Andreas Ringwald DESY
Gary Shiu Wisconsin University
Günter Sigl Hamburg University
Peter Tandy Kent State University
José Valle IFIC/CSIC-U. Valencia
Dirk Zerwas LAL IN2P3/CNRS, Orsay

Contributed talks

Abstracts for contributed talks can be registered on the conference page on the UNAM Indico from January 9, 2012 until May 2, 2012. The selection of accepted talks will be finished by May 6, 2012. Feel free to contact the organizer for questions concerning abstract submission or you abstract.