Rubén G. Barrera

Distinguished University Professor
(Investigador Emérito)
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Apartado Postal 20-364
01000 México DF

Phone Office+5255 5622 5093
Phone Home+5255 5655 4805
Fax+5255 5616 1535
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The main topic of my theoretical research has been on the optical properties of inhomogeneous systems. The systems I have been interested on are: metallic and semiconductor surfaces either flat or rough, superlattices, adsorbed molecules and nanoparticles on flat substrates and lately on colloidal systems. I have also done research on surface energy, dispersive forces and many-body contributions to the ground-state energy of different type of systems.

I am currently working on an effective-medium approach to the electromagnetic response of turbid colloidal systems and on the calculation of their reflection amplitudes. I am also working on the calculation of optical spectra from gold nanoparticles adsorbed on colloidal particles in order to interpret recent experimental results in nanocatalysis obtained at Institut des NanoSciences de Paris. Lately I have become interested in the calculation of the effective optical parameters of metamaterials and cloaking