Under special conditions, it is possible to create macroscopic physical systems whose behavior is determined by the occupation of a single quantum state. In other words, the quantum nature of the system emerges at a macroscopic scale. Such is the case of superfluidity, superconductivity, Bose-Einstein condensation and laser radiation. The so-called quantum macroscopic phenomena play today a central role in contemporary physics

The 1st Workshop on Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena aims to present cutting edge results from different points of view in the exploration of these fascinating phenomena and their unusual properties: from atomic gases to structured laser beams; from weakly interacting to strongly correlated systems; from equilibrium properties to macroscopic excited states.


Patricia Castilho

Victor Romero

Rocío Jáuregui

Santiago Caballero

Giacomo Roati

Karen Volke

Rosario Paredes

Jorge Seman