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M. en C Rebeca Trejo Luna
Técnico académico Tit. B T.C.
Adscripción: Física Experimental

Edificio : Acelerador 0.7MeV, Cubículo: s/n
Teléfono: 56225029 ext 2137

Artículos Recientes

  • Garcia MA; Gago R; Rickards, J; Trejo Luna R; Canetas Ortega J; Rodriguez Fernandez L., Surface morphology of amorphous SiO2 substrates bombarded with 1.0 MeV Si+ ions, Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, July 2018; 30(27), 274005, Link
  • Mejia J; Flores Romero E; Trejo Luna R; Rickards J, Planar waveguides produced by implanting Si and C ions in rutile, Revista Mexicana de Fisica, May 2018; 64(3), 251-253, Link
  • Garcia, MA; Rickards, J; Cuerno, R; Trejo-Luna, R; Canetas-Ortega, J; Rodriguez-Fernandez, L , Surface Morphologies of Ti and Ti-Al-V Bombarded by 1.0-MeV Au+ Ions, Physical Review Applied, 2017; 8(6), 064027, Link
  • M.A. García, J. Rickards, R. Cuerno, R. Trejo-Luna, J. Cañetas-Ortega, L.R. de la Vega and L. Rodríguez- Fernández., " Surface Morphologies of Ti and Ti-Al-V Bombarded by 1.0-MeV Au (+) Ions", Physical Review Applied, December 2017; 8,
  • G. V. Vázquez, R. Valiente, S. Gómez- Salces, E. Flores-Romero, J. Rickards, R. Trejo-Luna., Carbon implanted waveguides in soda lime glass doped with Yb3+ and Er3+ for visible light emission., Optics & Laser Technology, December 2016; 79, 132-136, Link