Our People

Daniela Reggio
Posdoctoral researcher
Affiliation: Experimental Physics

Building : Marcos Moshinsky, LANCIC
Phone: 5556225162 ext 2116, 2144

Research Lines

  • Sustainibility and materials in the past

Knowledge Fields

  • Applied Physics and Interdisciplinary Topics
  • Optics and Quantum Physics
  • Nanosciences and Condensed Matter

Knowledge Areas

  • Atomic and molecular physics
  • Analysis of materials by diffractive techniques
  • Study and preservation of cultural heritage
  • Interdisciplinary topics

Laboratories / Groups


  • CHANGES - Cultural Heritage Active Innovation for Sustainable Society, 2022-2022, Otra,
  • ‘BUILT-on-EARTH: tracing back sustainability, reconstructing decision-making processes through the technological analysis of earthen building materials’, 2022-2025, Otra,
  • ERC StG NANOCOMP, ERC PoC Grant-ZABCAT, 2020-2021, Otra,
  • ExCHange’ Experience for a change within the Cultural Heritage sector´, 2012-2011, Otra,
  • Abroad Fellowship Program Grant paid by the Department of Physics of Sapienza University of Rome, 09/2013-02/2014, €7.500,00., 2013-2014, Otra,
  • Materials and advanced electrochemical methods for characterizing modern metallic artifacts, 2014-2014, Otra,
  • Nanomaterials for the Restoration of Works of Art, 2016-2018, Otra,
  • Characterization and study of artworks and cultural heritage objects. , 2018-2019, Otra,

Latest Articles

  • Daniela Reggio, Antonio Mirabile, Massimo Lazzari, `Sensing soluble molecules through SERS substrates in one-step procedure: Unrevealing the Meiji woodblock printing materials`, Talanta 254, March 2023. , Talanta, December 2022; 254, DOI: 10.1016/j.talanta.2022.124177,