These are instructions to download and run the simulations for the Gaussian beam. A Linux machine with bash, gcc and gnuplot are required.
  1. Download and uncompress the file gaussian-beam.tar.gz
  2. To plot a beam, introduce the material and scale parameters as in the file ejemplo.params and save a copy in the folder graficar. The file can be renamed as long as the extension is unchanged. Parameters are:
  3. Open a terminal in the previously uncompressed folder and run ./
  4. Each file with the extension params in the graficar subfolder will be processed and the resulting graphics will be saved in the resultado subfolder. The resulting filenames will be the same as the input, but with different suffixes, indicating what is plotted (according to the options described above). Once the file is processed, a tick (✔) will be added to the filename to indicate success and avoid further processing. The original params file will be copied to the resultado subfolder for future reference.
  5. To facilitate debugging, all intermediate files are kept in the tmp subfolder. This includes the generated data files, the gnuplot files and the c code, all with their filenames matching the corresponding parameter file.
  6. The resulting files depend on the gnuplot terminal selected (currently pdflatex). General changes to the plot can be made by modifying the template graficar.gnuplot in the main folder. The corresponding template for the c code is calcular.c.
This program is released under the GNU General Public License Version 3.0.