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High energy physics and cosmology

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The High Energy Physics and Cosmology Group is part of the Theoretical Physics Department  of the Physics Institute  of the Mexico National University (IFUNAM).
The High Energy Physics and Cosmology Group embodies Faculty, posdocs and IFUNAM associate students. The main topics of interest are the elementary particle physics phenomenology, fundamental interactions, quantum field theory, string theory, branes and cosmology and the relationship among them.

How to reach us
We are located in Ciudad Universitaria, UNAM.
Mail address:
Departamento de Física Teórica,
Instituto de Física. UNAM
A.P. 20-364, México 01000 D.F.

getting to
The subway transportation is the easiest way to arrive. We are located few meters from Universidad station. Walking out of the station (Salida E) you will find the entrance to the University, then you will pass a local bus transportation base and then a taxi lane, crossing the road is the entrance to the Institute of Physics. All this is no more than 150 meters from the subway.

  We are located at the main building second floor.


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Universality of the Weak Interactions, Cabibbo theory and where they led us (L. Maiani)

Introduction to Renormalization in Field Theory (Ling-Fong Li)

The Beginnings of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking( Guralnik)

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