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High energy physics and cosmology

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Jaime Besprosvany
Dr. Jaime Besprosvany           (Inv. Tit. A)
Office:          Tel.: +(52) 5556-22-51-70      Email:  bespro

Spin-matrix estandar-model extension, baryogenesis from magnetic field, compactification from gauge fields, Bell´s inequality, nuclear-matter response function.

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Jens Erler
Dr.    Jens Erler       (Inv. Tit. B)
Office:          Tel.: +(52) 5556-22-51-66      Email:  erler

Global Analysis of the Electroweak Standard Model, Perturbative QCD
 Supersymmetry, Extra Neutral Gauge Bosons, Unification, Superstrings on Orbifolds, The Qweak Experiment (JLab)

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Axel De la Macorra
Dr. Axel de la Macorra          (Inv. Tit. C)
Office:          Tel.: +(52) 5556-22-51-40      Email:  macorra

Dark matter, cosmology.

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Matias Moreno
Dr. Matías Moreno                    (Inv. Tit. C)
Office:          Tel.: +(52) 5556-22-51-55      Email:  matias

High energy physics and many body systems.
Spontaneuos symmetry breaking.  Dirac Supersimetry,  Non perturvative phenomena in quantum field theory,  High Tc Superconductivity. Many body systems.

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Alfonso Mondragon
Dr. Alfonso Mondragón           (Inv. Tit. C)
Office:          Tel.: +(52) 5556-22-51-43      Email:  mondra

Mathematical Physics, Theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics
Mixing of Resonances and Topological Phases, Flavour Physics

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Myriam Mondragon
Dra. Myriam Mondragón       (Inv. Tit. B)
Office:          Tel.: +(52) 5556-22-51-67      Email:  myriam

Physics Beyond the Standard Model:  Supersymmetric Grand Unified Theories, Field Theories in Extra Dimensions,  Flavour symmetries, SUSY phenomenology

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Eduardo Peinado
Dr.  Eduardo Peinado         (Inv. Tit. A)
Office:  228        Tel.: +(52) 5556-22-5000 ext. 2606      Email:  epeinado

Neutrino physics, dark matter and model building .

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Saul Ramos-Sanchez
Dr.  Saul Ramos-Sanchez         (Inv. Tit. A)
Office:  ;      Tel.: +(52) 5556-22-50-20      Email:  ramos

String Theory

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Genaro Toledo
Dr.  Genaro Toledo         (Inv. Tit. B)
Office:  209        Tel.: +(52) 5556-22-51-35      Email:  toledo

Hadronic physics, quark matter.

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Manuel Torres
Dr.  Manuel Torres         (Inv. Tit. C)
Office:          Tel.: +(52) 5556-22-51-44      Email:  mtorres

Thermal and non-linear field theory, Neutrino Physics, Quantum Hall effects

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Dra. Aurore Courtoy                 (Inv. Asoc. C)
Office:          Tel.: +(52) 5556-22-51-20      Email:  aurore

Hadron physics

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Dra. Ma. Catalina Espinoza                 (Inv. Conacyt)
Office:          Tel.: +(52) 5556-22-51-20      Email:  m.catalina

Neutrino physics

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Dra. Mariana Vargas                    (Inv. Asoc. C)
Office:          Tel.: +(52) 5556-22-51-20      Email: 

Cosmology, Dark Energy

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Dr. Eric Vazquez                    (Inv. Asoc. C)
Office:          Tel.: +(52) 5556-22-51-20      Email: 

Neutrinos, Dark Matter

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