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Contact Information


(525) 5622-50-08

Room 37,
Main Building,
Institute of Physics,
C.U., México D.F.

Mailing Address
Apdo. Postal 20-364, 01000, México D.F., México.


Medalla Marcos Moshinsky 2016.

Premios ciudad capital: Heberto Castillo edición 2012.

Mentes Quo + Discovery Channel 2011 prize for deepen and lead a study on the graphene, the hardest material known to date.

"External Distinguished Proffesor" Universidad Iberoamericana, México 2008.

Jorge Lomnitz prize for outstanding contributions in dynamical systems, Academia Mexicana de Ciencias-UNAM (2006)

National University Prize for Young Researchers in Sciences, UNAM (2005)

Nominee as one of the most important 107 mexicans below 35, Revista Dia 7, El Universal (2003)

Medal for outstanding performance during High School, Colegio Madrid (1985)

Ruta Hidalgo prize as one of the 100 best students in a national competition among all primary school students in México, SEP (1981)

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