Dr. Karo Michaelian
Dr. Karo Michaelian
Departamento de Fisica Experimental
Instituto de Fisica, UNAM
A.P. 20-364, D.F. 04510, Mexico
Tel: (5) 5622-5165
Fax: (5) 5622-1535


Research Interests
  1. Physics of Evolution
  2. Ecosystem Stability
  3. Nanocluster Physics
  4. Nuclear Physics
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  K.Michaelian, "Thermodynamic  Dissipation Theory for the Origin of Life ",
  Earth Syst. Dynam., 2, 37-51, (2011)

 K.Michaelian, "Biological Catalysis of the Hydrological Cycle ",
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 K.Michaelian, "Thermodynamic  Stability of Ecosystems ",
Journal of Theoretical Biology 237, 3, 323-335 (2005)

 K. Michaelian,  "A Physical Basis of Evolution and  Speculation on an Evolutionary  Basis of Physics ",
Chapter in;
Topics in Contemporary Physics, p. 195-210, Ed. J. Heras, ISBN 970-18-3700-2, 2000.

Vega, J., K.Michaelian, I.L. Garzon, M.R. Beltran, L. Hernandez, "Isomers of Adenine ", 
J. Mol. Structure  (THEOCHEM) 493 (1999) 275


K. Michaelian, "A Symbiotic Algorithm for Finding the Low Energy Isomers of Large Clusters and Molecules ",
Chem. Phys. Lett., 293 (1998) 202.

K. Michaelian, N. Rendon, I.L. Garzon, "Structure and Energetics of Ni, Ag and Au Nanoclusters ",
Phys. Rev. B 60 (1999) 2000-2010.

K. Michaelian, M.R. Beltran, I.L. Garzon, "Disordered Global Minima Structures for Zn and Cd Nanoclusters ",
Phys. Rev. B 65, 041403 1-4 (2002)

K. Michaelian, A. Tamez, I.L. Garzon, "Efficient Statistical Mapping of Energy Surfaces of Nanoclusters and Molecules ,
Chem. Phys. Lett., 370 (2003)654-660.

Nuclear Physics :

K. Michaelian and A. Menchca-Rocha, "A Model of Ion-Induced Luminescence Based on Energy Deposition by Secondary Electrons ",
Phys. Rev. B 49 (1994) 15550.

K. Michaelian, P. Kitching, D.A. Hutcheon, et al., "Proton-Proton Bremsstrahlung at 280 MeV ",
Phys. Rev. D 41 (1990) 2689

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