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The Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (LEMA by its name in Spanish) of the Institute of Physics, is a National Laboratory where we carry out basic, applied and interdisciplinary research projects based on the determination of very low concentrations of radionuclides such as 14C, 10Be, 26Al, 129I and Pu.
LEMA provides radiocarbon analyses/dating services, and has been granted its ISO 9001:2015 testing certification by the International Management and Evaluation Society (SIGE) in April 2018, for radiocarbon dating. 

• Do research in physics and related areas.
• Participate in teaching and training of human resources (researchers, technicians and professionals) at a high level.
• Divulgate nationally and internationally the knowledge generated by the Institute.
• Support the linking of science with other cultural, intellectual and productive activities such as Archaeology, Earth sciences, Environmental sciences, Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, etc. 

LEMA is a national laboratory with unique characteristics in Mexico. It offers the possibility of carrying out ultra-high sensitivity AMS measurements in the characterization of materials to meet the growing academic and productive demand.

• Accuracy of 0.3% guaranteed to the extent of 14C for modern carbon samples.
• Accuracy of 3% guaranteed in analysis of 10Be, 26Al, 129I and Pu.
• For 14C analysis, we have the capacity to prepare a variety of samples such as coal, wood, textiles, bones, hair, seeds, soils, etc.
• A computer program to calculate the "radiocarbon age" from 14C data. 

Computer program to calculate the "radiocarbon age".


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Circuito de Investigacion Cientifica, Campus University UNAM, Mexico

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