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Our facilities

Isotope Separator 4110


The isotope separator or AMS System consists of two mass spectrometers coupled to 1 MV accelerator for the determination of 14C, 10Be, 26Al, 129I, Pu and a line of stable and radioactive beams, manufactured by High Voltage Engineering Europa. 

Sample Preparation Laboratory

The pretreatment of samples is carried out in a chemical laboratory where the samples are physically and chemically cleaned, allowing the preparation of wood, bones, hair, plants, sediments, seeds, peat and other materials. 

Automated Graphitization Equipment AGE III

Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and Ion Plus in Zurich, Switzerland.
The AGE III has been developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich to prepare graphite samples quickly and efficiently. It has an elemental analyzer (AE, Vario Microcube, Elementar brand) coupled to a graphitization unit with seven reactors.
The carbon is extracted in the form of CO2 and converted to graphite in the AGEIII.
A LabVIEW program controls all the consecutive steps when processing a sample: pre-conditioning of the catalyst, combustion of the samples in the elemental analyzer and capture of CO2 in a zeolite trap, as well as the transport of CO2 to the reactor and finally the graphitization reaction. The sample in form of graphite is pressed in a cathode and taken to the AMS system. 

Carbonate Handling System CHS

Ion Plus, Zurich Switzerland.

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