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Radiocarbon Dating
LEMA carries out service activities. Analysis of 14C and radiocarbon dating are performed. The laboratory is prepared to receive external organic samples in original form (wood, cloth, hair, bone, soil, etc.) or pre-treated in the form of CO2. High resolution mass spectrometry is performed with only 1 mg of graphite.
The described prices includes samples preparation (chemical cleaning and graphitization), analysis of AMS, calculating the radiocarbon age and calendar age.


Old bones and teeth, cellulose, skin, hair, sediments, textiles and water.


$520 USD

Mexican non profit organization*

$445 USD*

Modern teeth, shells, carbonates, charcoal, CO2

$345 USD

$300 USD*

Soxhlet (additional)

$50 USD

$50 USD*

* Mexican Academic Institution

The following table shows the optimum size that is required to generate 1-2 mg of pure carbon. If the samples are not well preserved (bones) or the material is small (less than 50% of the material required) please contact Dr. Corina Solis:

Sample Size
  • Coal, seeds, plants, paper, skin, charcoal and wood - 50 mg
  • Shells and carbonates - 100 mg
  • Bones - min 2g (Contact us)
  • Tooth, Ivory - Contact us
  • Sediment poor in organic matter - min 10g (Contact us)
NOTE: For more information about the size of samples and the special care for packaging for the shipment of material, consult with the contact. The Laboratory reserves the performance of the service and acceptance of samples by third parties if it considers that it does not comply with its institutional mission.
The standard precision in the measurement of 14C/12C ratio is 0.3% for modern samples which means a standard deviation of ± 30 years. The uncertainty in the measurement is higher for older samples.
Three months without counting vacation periods.

Measurement of 10Be, 26Al, 129I
Concentrations of 10Be, 26Al, 129I radioisotopes are measured. Only samples already prepared in the form of BeO, Al and IO3 can be received.
Contact us
Contact us
With 3% accuracy for modern samples.
Contact us

Contact us

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