About Us



The mission of the Institute of Physics is conducting research in physics and related fields; training, preparing and teaching human resources, researchers and top-level specialists. Disseminating the knowledge produced by the Institute at the domestic and international level and being a driving force in the linkage of science with other cultural, intellectual and productive activities throughout the country.


To be an institution engaged in scientific research and the training of human resources in the field of physics, and other related priority fields such as material science, nanoscience and nanotechnology, energy, medical physics, biotechnology and the environmental sciences while upholding the prestige which the Institute has built in the last decades.

In fulfilling the Institute's mission, the IF researchers will have the following general objectives:

  • Conducting research in physics and related fields, by undertaking original and top-quality research projects.
  • Actively participating in the teaching and training of human resources at the high school, undergraduate and graduate UNAM programs which relates to the research conducted at the IF. Expanding these activities to other educational institutions throughout the country and abroad.
  • Disseminating research results in journals, books and other national and international media and their presentation in seminars, lectures and conferences.
  • Contributing, based on the research conducted at the IF, to the development of projects addressing issues of national interest.
  • Establishing and developing laboratory and service unit infrastructure to foster research and contribute to technological development at the national level.
  • Entering into agreements to provide scientific, technological and educational advisory services in the fields of interest to the IF, to interested public and private sector entities, in accordance with UNAM policies and staff availability.
  • Fostering communication and dissemination of scientific knowledge to the public at large.