25th International Conference on
Nuclear Tracks in Solids

Registration fees (US Dlls)

Registration fees

Early registration before June 30, 2011
Late and on site registration
550 USD
600 USD
275 USD
300 USD
Accompanying person
275 USD
300 USD

Payment of the registration fee should be done by Electronic Bank Transfer. After the payment has been done, please submit a scanned copy (pdf, jpg, png formats) of your bank transfer receipt to "spinosag@unam.mx" and "smf@unam.mx", specifying the name of the participant (student or accompanying person).

No registration will be effective until the registration payment has been confirmed by the Mexican bank. Credit or debit cards cannot be accepted for the conference fee.

Electronic bank transfer information

International Participants

Bank Transfer (US DOLLARS)

Bank name:
Banco Nacional de México, SA de CV. (BANAMEX)
Branch 349

Bank address:
Paseo del Pedregal 110
Col. Jardines del Pedregal, Plaza 01
Mexico, D.F., MEXICO

Account holder:
The bank transfer should be in the name of:
Sociedad Mexicana de Física, A.C. / 25th ICNTS-2011
Account number (CLABE): 002180034993453470
ABBA code: 026006715

Note: The total amount transferred should correspond to the conference fee, in US Dlls.

Mexican Participants

Bank Transfer (MEXICAN PESOS)
Bank: Banco Nacional de México, SA de CV. (BANAMEX)
Branch: 349

Account holder:
The bank transfer should be in the name of:
Sociedad Mexicana de Física, A.C. / 25th ICNTS-2011
Account Number: 1866151
CLABE: 002180034918661519

Very important cash money notice to take care of:

Dear Colleagues:

- Due to a new legislation in Mexico, the Organizing Committee can not accept US Dlls or Euros in cash for the conference fee payment, at the conference time.

- The participants are kindly invited to implement the conference fee payment in US Dlls, by electronic transfer to the accounts of the meeting (www.fisica.unam.mx/ints/25thICNTS-2011/).

- The participants, who have not covered the conference fee electronically in advance, will have to do in Mexican Pesos at the time of the conference. They will spend time in cashing their foreign money into Mexican Pesos at the money exchange house.

- The participants will need to go to "money exchange office" in Puebla, and cash the foreign money to Mexican Pesos, at the official rate of the day, and pay the fee into Mexican Pesos (aprox $6,960.00 Mexican Pesos).

- Please consider the regulation at the time of registration. Otherwise, the conference organization can not accept the payments, and the participants could not be participating until the fee is properly covered.

In order to be sure about your electronic money transfer of the fee payment, please bring with you and send us a digital copy of the transactions, taking care of:
a) The transfer account number is correct.
b) The destinatary name is correct.
c) The ABA number is correct.
d) And the amount for the fee is correct, after the transfer changes.

Sorry about this inconvenient, but is better to prepare the fee payment in advance, and send via electronic transfer few days before you will start your trip.

Or, on the other way you will spend some time "cashing" your money to Mexican Pesos, and pay the cashing taxes.