Coordinating Office


At the Institute of Physics students from the fields of physics, medical physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, engineering, informatics, journalism, visual arts and many other, come together to undertake their social internship program and their undergraduate and graduate thesis projects under the Institute specialists.

Guided Tours

The Institute of Physics opens its doors to high school and undergraduate students to familiarize them with the development of the field of physics at our Institute. Come with your group to visit our research labs, talk with our scientists, have your questions answered at lectures and talks, and find your scientific calling any Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. To schedule your visit, just contact the Coordinating Office by e-mail, with two possible dates, number of visitors (preferably groups under 20), school of origin and responsible professor.

Doors Open Day

Every year, the Institute of Physics opens its doors to the public to disseminated scientific knowledge and to inform on the research its researchers and students carry out. On Doors Open Day, special activities are offered for our guests, such as exhibitions, lab guided tours, informative talks, demonstrative experiments, games and contests, among many others.

Visitors have the opportunity of interacting with the professors, researchers and students and learning of the options available for social internships, thesis advisories and research in all the fields of physics. If you are interested, visit us on the Friday prior to November 20 of any year, we will welcome you all day.