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If you are an enrolled undergraduate or graduate student, are writing your thesis or undertaking your social internship under the guidance of an Institute of Physics professor, or if you are participating in any way in specific research projects related to the Institute, you can register as an associate student. By doing so, you will be assigned an institutional e-mail address and will be issued an IFUNAM ID credential. This will enable you to keep abreast of any academic activities which may be of interest to you and make use of the academic facilities (library, computer rooms, e-mail, laboratories associated with your project, the use of common areas, etc.)

To apply as an associate student, once you have established contact with the responsible professor, interested parties must complete the electronic application form, where, in addition to your general ID data, you must submit copies of your ID, current student transcript and recent evidence of current address (not to exceed 3 months).

The Associate Student Regulations contains the provisions regarding the rights and obligations governing the relationship between the students and the IFUNAM. Associate Students must renew their ID credential in the course of the first two weeks of each term in accordance with the UNAM official calendar.

Links of Interest

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ID initial application and renewal (SIESTA)
Associate Student Regulations
Field practice guidelines
Traveling expenses procedures

Student seminar

The Student seminar is organized by the graduate students and has been taking place on a weekly basis since 2012. Students from the undergraduate and graduate levels are invited as guests lecturers and attendees for them to discuss the progress on their research. The seminar is posted live on the IFUNAM Youtube channel to allow participation by students from other universities. The seminar takes place on Mondays, starting at 1 p.m. UTC-6 at the Alejandra Jaidar Auditorium.

External Students

External students are those who without being IFUNAM associates, request access on a temporary basis, for a maximum term of one semester, to attend courses taking place at the Institute. Enrollment to these courses takes place online and it is linked to course postings. A digital photograph in portrait orientation where the subject is clearly visible must be submitted.

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Term Enrollment


The IFUNAM invites its associate students to participate in the calls for academic achievement awards on a yearly basis. The Juan Manuel Lozano Mejía Award recognizes the best theses written for research conducted at the IFUNAM. A Juan Manuel Lozano Mejía Medal is awarded to the best work for each academic degree. Meritorious work is distinguished by the Juan Manuel Lozano Mejía Diploma.

In addition to these awards, the IFUNAM organizes a Dissemination of Science Poster Contest on Doors Open Day on a yearly basis. The three best designs clearly explaining scientific concepts receive a diploma and a monetary prize.

Calls are posted in the month of August.

Call Link
Juan Manuel Lozano Mejía Award
Dissemination of Science Poster Contest