Academic Secretariat

Academic Secretariat

The duties of the Academic Secretary is assisting the head of the Institute in establishing the general goals and policies which will guide academic advancement and research activities, in carrying out the functions of the Institute.

Dr Saúl Noé Ramos Sánchez
Academic Secretary

Marcos Moshinsky Building, first floor
Phone: (+5255) 5622-5034, (+5255) 5622-5044


  • Collaborating with the office of the director in the drafting of academic and research plans and projects for the Institute Supervising and coordinating all academic processing for the faculty of the Institute
  • Promoting, managing and supervising all academic projects Providing information on academic processing involving research support entities, such as the Coordinating Office of Scientific Research, the National Science and Technology Council, the General Head Office of Faculty Matters, among others, and overseeing that processings is completed
  • Coordinating the faculty assessment processes in regard to the Performance Incentive Program for Full-Time Academic Staff (PRIDE) and the National Researchers System. Overseeing leaves of absence, commissions, travel expense applications for Institute faculty, and guest lecturer applications
  • Completing immigration processing for guest lecturers and coordinating exchange programs of the Institute with other domestic and international institutions
  • Ensuring compliance with the laws and regulations regarding hiring, advancement and other administrative and academic procedures. Drafting the reports required by in-house and external entities

Deputy Academic Secretary

Name e-mail Phone
L.C. Miriam Romero Chávez
Technical Secretary

25034; 25044 ext. 1102
Teresa Cázares Figueroa
25034; 25044 ext. 1101
Itzel Leyva Arroyo
25034; 25044 ext. 5005
Lic. Sonia Corona Loya
25034; 25044 ext. 1103

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